Bubanje Rosalie & Rudasingwa Lorette

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Rudasingwa Lorette and her mother, Bubanje Rosalie, discuss the secrets to a successful marriage. Rudasingwa Lorette has recently gotten married and admires her parents' marriage and asks her mother how she can recreate the success they have had in remaining together. Bubanje Rosalie offers her advice about keeping a happy household through mutual respect between spouses and similar expectations in marriage. Bubanje Rosalie is clear that she does not think that the rise in divorce is due to fundamental differences between the generations, but rather insists that children today are the same as children of the past, but merely face different, perhaps more trying, circumstances. Bubanje Rosalie states that she feels this conversation is important to the success of long-lasting relationships and will impart this knowledge on all of her daughters.

"All my daughters had this talk with me before getting married. They cannot get married before having this talk. You teach them how to behave in their own house. Before a child can get married we first give them advice. We talk about humility, her joining a new family, a family she does not know. How she should respect all her in laws including uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. All this because she is going to start a new family which will have only one man. They are uniting two families together so if she does not respect his family, these two families cannot get along." Bubanje Rosalie

"I saw people in my age divorce very fast. I see my mother and father getting old together I always wanted to ask my mother what she does to stay together so long. I feel satisfied with the results, she was right in that you marry someone who is totally different from you. Living with this person will always require a lot of patience and love which brought you together" Rudasingwa Lorette

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SEPTEMBER 2014 - Archival Science 14 (Nos. 3-4, 2014): 275-306. Available here


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