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IF YOU ARE….a young man or woman, aged 18-30, who is curious about your family’s past, and want to know more about the previous generation, about Rwanda’s history, or about your culture, CONTACT US at 250-788770849 (Elissam).

We will help you choose an elder to talk with you, and prepare you to ask respectful questions.

IF YOU ARE….an elder, or older relative, and have a story to share about the past with a loved one, CONTACT US at: 250-788770849 (Elissam).

We will help prepare you to share your story, and arrange for you to meet with a trained facilitator.

IF YOU ARE ….a community leader, and wish to bring Stories For Hope to your organization, sector, church, or school, OR have your people trained, CONTACT US at 250-788770849 (Elissam).

We will arrange a team to visit you and other leaders, to discuss how to implement the project where you are.


1.Is it expensive to do storytelling?

Participants pay no fees. In fact, they are reimbursed 2000RwF each, for transport, and each given a CD of their recording, a CD players, a framed photo, and refreshments.

2. Why do you want to audio record the session?

Having your story recorded helps you. First, you can play it for other family members. Second, if you allow us to post it on our Web-site (with your names, or anonymously), the story will be available for generations to come. Third, Rwandan citizens can learn and draw hope from your story.

3.What stories are acceptable to tell?

You may tell any story you wish, as long as it is true, personal, and intended to be positively helpful to the young person you share it with.

4.What if it is emotional?

Telling important stories about our lives is always emotional. For those who feel overwhelmed, we have trained counselors available to help you. Telling emotional stories for a good purpose often helps people through them. It also can help you feel better to tell long-held stories, to people you trust and care for.


SEPTEMBER 2014 - Archival Science 14 (Nos. 3-4, 2014): 275-306. Available here


OCTOBER 2014 - Founder and Director Patricia Pasick, Ph.D. has been honored as a 2014 Purpose Prize Fellow which recognizes “outstanding social innovators over aged 60 who are working to change the world by finding solutions to challenging social problems.“

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