Zimulinda Pheneas & Shingiro Remy

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Full of questions concerning the history of religion in Rwanda and how Rwandan culture of the past differs from that of today, Shingiro Remy listens intently to the words of Zimulinda Pheneas, his counselor. Zimulinda Pheneas discusses the origins of churches in Rwanda, the issues of teen pregnancy and drug abuse, how children were traumatized even without going through the genocide, the effect of good parenting and community parenting, and his philosophy on education. He goes into detail on such subjects as rape, gendered violence, and prostitution. Having completed university level studies, Zimulinda Pheneas is a well-educated man who shares his insights with Shingiro Remy in the hopes that he may be guided toward a successful and respectable life.

“In these days there are many children who live alone, who don’t have parents, who do not have persons to care for them. Were there children like these long in the past?... Is it different from nowadays, because, in our time, these children don’t have any help, they have no people who are close to them, who can help them in any way, be it morally or physically. Was it the case in your time?” Shingiro Remy

“[In the past] the kids belonged to the whole community. It means that when a child was on the streets, every mature person took them as their own child. Today, some children lost their parents, they have to take care of themselves, they are responsible for their families, they have young sisters and brothers, this is due to the hard times we have passed through.” Zimulinda Pheneas

Listen in Kinyarwanda : 
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SEPTEMBER 2014 - Archival Science 14 (Nos. 3-4, 2014): 275-306. Available here


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