Mukamageza Chaste & Uwayezo Janvier

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Uwayezo Janvier and his landlord, Mukamageza Chaste, discuss techniques to finding a successful marriage like Mukamageza Chaste's. What should he do so that his wife will be happy? What must he never do that would hurt his wife? How do you deal with differences within the couple? He admires the life Mukamageza Chaste has managed to create for herself and asks her how this was possible for her. She emphasizes to him that she had a strong upbringing and has been protected by both her own decisions and fate and that he, too, can lead a life like this by making smart decisions and avoiding temptations. Their conversations helps them to realize generational differences and how these changes have affected youths' views of marriage and parenthood.

"His hope is that because he is not married, when he decides to do so, he should not go to others asking questions like 'what is that girl like?' because people will lie to him, even the girl herself will not tell. However, you should talk to her and what you share about your likes and dislikes will give you a chance. It is not good to marry someone who you have not gotten to know for a long time." Mukamageza Chaste

"I will also learn to be patient and if my wife isn’t acting right, I will not look at this as something new but as something that other people also go through. I have never been married and since you have had a chance to interact with many married people -- the other question that I have is that -– what is the one thing in marriage that hurts wives the most and what is the one thing that makes them happiest? This is so I will not do such a thing that may hurt my future spouse." Uwayezo Janvier

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SEPTEMBER 2014 - Archival Science 14 (Nos. 3-4, 2014): 275-306. Available here


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