Pastor Ruhagararabahurga Eric & Munganyinka Daima Lydia

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Pastor Ruhagararabahurg Eric describes to Munganyinka Daima Lydia how he made a fulfilling life for himself. After joining the army and fighting to protect the President, Pastor Eric realized that his true passion lies with protecting and helping others. He then became a man of God and devoted his life to helping street children find a better life in Rwanda. He describes to Daima Lydia how this journey toward faith allowed him to realize the significance of faith in reconciliation for Rwanda; forgiveness must be coupled with repentance in order to begin the healing. Daima Lydia is excited to affirm that her faith can help both herself and those around her and takes to heart the wealth of advice her pastor offers her. She welcomes his encouragement of her role as a hero to herself and others and envisions herself doing great things in the future.

"My advice to you is when a country has gone through war and suffering, you should to the future. The other thing is that the problems or challenges we face prepare us for who we become in the future. We should not give up and live in the past." Pastor Pastor Ruhagararabahurg Eric

"One thing about our culture is that it says the heroes are men. I feel that I have heroism in me to achieve a lot if I work hard. I can help many from my heart. But I ask myself, 'can a girl be a hero in this country Rwanda?'" Munganyinka Daima Lydia

Listen in Kinyarwanda : 
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SEPTEMBER 2014 - Archival Science 14 (Nos. 3-4, 2014): 275-306. Available here


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