Sakindi Jean Marie Vianney & Sakindi Uwera Marie Rose

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Sakindi Jean Marie Vianney and his daughter Sakindi Uwera Marie Rose use this opportunity to discuss the origins and causes of the 1994 genocide on both personal and national levels. Sakindi Jean Marie describes to Sakindi Uwera Marie Rose how close he and his wife came to death and what life was like in the years leading up to the genocide. They hid in closets, relied on the kindness of their neighbors, and turned to faith to keep them hopeful and lead them to forgiveness. Sakindi Uwera Marie Rose details how she and her classmates try to prevent conflict in their country.

"Even though we support unity and reconciliation, we should also not forget to remember. Remembering our departed who died innocently is important. We should also pray to God to remain close to us so that what happened in the past may never happen again." Sakindi Jean Marie Vianney

"If I am with other children and I hear them talk about divisionism issues, I would advise them to stop it because what happened in the past should not be returned." Sakindi Uwera Marie Rose

Listen in Kinyarwanda : 
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SEPTEMBER 2014 - Archival Science 14 (Nos. 3-4, 2014): 275-306. Available here


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