Bisangwa Simon & Kubwimana Jean d'Amour

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Kubwimana Jean d’Amour would rather listen to history from his father than read it in a history book “written by Frenchmen.” In this interview, he listens to Bisangwa Simon’s personal history for the first time, an experience that both men find beneficial. Bisangwa Simon has had a chaotic life; a high school dropout, he lived through several wars, overcame addiction to alcohol and drugs, and survived a curse. He tells his son how their family survived the genocide by supporting each other in hiding. Despite his many challenges, Bisangwa Simon stayed positive and did not hate those who had wronged him. He reminds his son that “education is power,” and to move forward with peace and love.

'Now that we have had this opportunity, you are going to help us to build on this. You will bring us together so we can share experiences. There is no reason to hide our stories from you. Stories for Hope is a brilliant idea and we should take it from here to build on something better." Bisangwa Simon

“I am very happy. This has been a valuable experience for me. Some of the most important lessons I have gained include; never give up, love, and avoid the line of thinking that assumes that national issues are ‘none of my business.’ I think that this ‘none of my business’ attitude is what caused many deaths. I have also learned patience and perseverance. I am thankful for this conversation and I hope we can have more discussions like these.” Kubwimana Jean d'Amour

Listen in Kinyarwanda : 
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SEPTEMBER 2014 - Archival Science 14 (Nos. 3-4, 2014): 275-306. Available here


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