Tuyisenge Francine & Uwituze Yvette

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Sisters Bayisenge Francine and Uwituze Yvette discuss romantic relationships. Because Bayisenge Francine is ten years older than Yvette and both happily married and well-educated, she has strong advice to offer to her younger sister. She stresses the importance of remaining independent, ambitious, and driven, despite temptations to marry early. Bayisenge Francine urges Uwituze Yvette to finish school before getting married so that she can not only receive a full education herself, but can also ensure that her husband values education as well. With the help of her sister, Uwituze Yvette discovers the value of waiting before pursuing marriage.

"Nobody should make you stop your plans. You should have long-term plans regardless of whether you get married or not. This is what is called 'determination'. If you value your education you should not get married before you complete it. You will be self-sufficient in most areas. Nobody can deviate your plan if you’re determined. You should not make a decision based on someone else; make a decision because it’s your choice." Bayisenge Francine

"When you have many people interested in you it’s hard to make decisions. You don’t know who to choose, it becomes a problem. I wanted to know how she dealt with this issue when she was my age, how she avoided it, or how she could tell who was being truthful." Uwituze Yvette

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SEPTEMBER 2014 - Archival Science 14 (Nos. 3-4, 2014): 275-306. Available here


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